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The Indigenous Youth Empowerment Program (IYEP) is a collaboration between AIIS and the Lansing School District’s Title VII Native American Program, Michigan State University’s Residential College in the Arts & Humanities, the Ingham County Health Department, and Lansing Community College. IYEP is a program for all Indigenous youth and families of Ingham County. The program strives for community-building through traditional knowledge, empowering Indigenous youth through cultural awareness, emphasizing and assisting the importance of academics. This is accomplished through a summer enrichment camp, a variety of community events held throughout the year, and an after-school program twice a week during the academic school-year.


We envision Indigenous youth to be empowering leaders within their schools and Native communities. We foresee youth reclaiming a healthy balance of communal and traditional well-being by emphasizing the value of respect. We believe that the teaching of traditional knowledge to youth will assist in sustaining and maintaining Indigenous nations for the next seven generations. We are always looking for community members to share their time and knowledge with our youth.

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Please feel free to contact IYEP via their Facebook page to learn ways to get involved.

You may also email Prof. Estrella Torrez.