Voices on Campus commenced in Fall 2015 to showcase the exemplary scholarly and community work being done by MSU faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, community members, elders, youth and others who are part of MSU’s Native community. With so many important ideas happening at MSU, why not share that in an open and welcoming way?

VOICES on CAMPUS | 2015-2016

Prof. Mindy Morgan – ‘Reanimating the “Indian New Deal”: Indians at Work and Constructions of Native American History’

Aikwe Cornell, AISP Pre-doctoral Fellow – ‘Camouflaged Indians: American Indian Veterans’

Adam Haviland, PhD Candidate – ‘Urban NDN Centers: Understanding the City as Indigenous Center’

Prof. Kyle Powys Whyte – ‘Indigenous Climate Justice Movements in North America’

Prof. Laura Smith – ‘Horace Poolaw: Photographer of American Indian Modernity’

Prof. Rocío Quispe Agnoli – ‘Nobles on Paper: Unearthing Inca Petitions from Mexico’