As an American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program committed to the principles of justice and sovereignty, we stand in solidarity with the call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Our community deeply understands the devastating impact of violence, colonization, and displacement on communities, and we recognize the urgent need for an end to the cycle of suffering and trauma in Gaza. 

As advocates for peace and human rights, we acknowledge the plight of all individuals affected by the conflict, including Israeli hostages, and we emphasize the importance of their safe release. We believe in the inherent dignity and rights of all peoples, and we condemn any actions that violate these fundamental principles. 

Furthermore, as scholars and educators, we are committed to raising awareness about the historical and contemporary injustices faced by Indigenous peoples around the world, including the parallels between the struggles of Indigenous communities and the plight of the Palestinian people. We believe that solidarity and mutual support among oppressed peoples are essential for building a more just and equitable world.