AIIS is excited to share our expanded Spring 2024 course list. Any course below will be counted toward the AIIS graduate certificate requirement. Open enrollment begins November 10.

  • AIIS 801: Indigenous Theories and Methodologies (3 credits – Professor Elan Pochedley)
    • Indigenous ways of knowing. Transdisciplinary theories and methodologies. Indigenous determination. Indigenous sovereignties. Community-oriented research.
    • Prerequisites: None
  • AIIS 890: Independent Study in American Indian and Indigenous Studies (1-6 credits – contact Professor
    • Independent study in American Indian and Indigenous studies.
    • o Prerequisites: Approval of department
  • AIIS 491: Topics in American Indian and Indigenous Studies Lecture: “Big Auntie Energy: Exploring Kinship Roles in Indigenous Communities” (3 credits – Professor Angie Sanchez)
    • What does it mean to be a good relative? Indigenous family systems in the US and Canada have been disrupted by settler colonialism, however, despite these acts of attempted genocide, Indigenous communities have persevered by reclaiming ceremonies, languages, and culture in their communities. In this course, we will look at the ways in which Indigenous communities have been impacted by anti-Indian policies as it pertains to family systems and raising the next generation of Indigenous babies. We will explore the ways in which Indigenous people and communities are undoing the harm caused to their communities. What do family systems look like in various tribes and nations? What are the similarities and differences in the roles that relatives play in different tribes? We will discuss the roles that aunties, uncles, grandparents and other relatives play in Indigenous communities. Additionally, we will cover topics such as birth traditions, coming of age ceremonies, and elder care. Essentially, we will explore how Indigenous people are using Big Auntie Energy to care for, uplift, and heal their communities.
    • Prerequisites: None
  • LAW 635E: Tribal Law (0-6 credits – Professor Ezekiel Fletcher)
    • Survey of the laws that tribes enact to govern themselves
    • Prerequisites: None

For any courses with prerequisites, professors may be flexible for students enrolling for the certificate. Please reach out to course professors or if there are any questions or concerns about prerequisites. If you know of any other Spring 2024 courses with 1/3 or more Indigenous-related content, please share with